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or The Timmy story

[translated with the help of from the original german article
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On May 9th, after the death of my beloved Sheila, I decided to have a look around the shelter in Heilbronn. It should not become a black cat this time because of the remembrance. However, I had already read that black cats and dogs are very difficult to place. So googled again: so it is. The most incredible reason for the return of a black cat was "they are not suitable for a selfie!" There is nothing more to think of.

Back to the animal shelter: there this problem was confirmed to me. So it was clear: it will be a black cat again.

It should not be a very young one, rather a bit more sedate. So let's calculate: Cats become on average 15 years. I am 68 and hope to bring it to 78. So another 10 years. The cat should therefore be about 5, then we can share a grave with a little luck ;-)

The very nice and competent nurse also had something suitable: Helmut, estimated at 5 years. He had been delivered severely injured at the neck, but was already fit again. Quite small and narrow. And with a sweet white spot on his chest :-)

Helmut was taken out of his dwelling and immediately pulled out all stops: rubbing my foot, meowing, being stroked and rubbing his forehead against mine. It was clear: he wanted to go with me. And after less than 10 seconds I said YES! It was love at first sight :-)

But the name's HELMUT. Helmut Kohl for instance? I could never stand him. Helmut Schmid? To name my tomcat after a stubborn old chain smoker? Never! It became then Timmy, after the superintelligent dog from the 5 friend books of Enid Blyton. And besides he has such a mischievous face and wide awake eyes - just a Timmy.

With Timmy I have a sunshine in my house. He can't get enough of cuddling. What keeps me fit: I have to get down on my knees all the time so that he can rub his forehead against my head. If I'm not fast enough down, he'll just make little men to get to my head.

Timmy is also very clean: if he's done big business, he has to get rid of it immediately, and until that happens, he's making a fuss. He's doing his first deal around 3:30 a.m. at the moment. But that's not a problem, afterwards I'll go to the bathroom and Timmy will go with me. There I finally have time to stroke him ;-) And when he puts his front paws on my knees, he also comes to my forehead with his forehead. Great invention, such a toilet bowl :-)

Then we go back to sleep, maximum one hour. Then Timmy comes alive. It is so nice to be woken up by a wet nose in the face. Either he then works on my duvet with milk kicks or he enjoys himself with catching his tail - the sun rises ;-)

Timmy will wake up at 5:30 at the latest. Then he rushes through the apartment and sometimes jumps over the headboard into my bed. The landing can also take place in my face. But he is a very dear one: he pulls in his claws.

When things go this way, I know: get up, open the patio door, so that he can control the garden from his observation towers. Every few minutes, however, he comes in and gallops around and looks to see if I'm awake. Which of course I deny ;-)

Shortly after 8 o'clock Timmy comes into my bed and cuddles up to me. There the sun rises again. And I know that my alarm clock is ringing soon. Now that we're both sleeping so well.

Who also wants to buy sunshine: in the shelter there are still many little animals waiting for a person they can love. Each of these little creatures also has a right to a loving home with a bed at the foot of which they can sleep.

And especially with a black cat nothing can be done wrong. I experience this for the second time now.


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